macOS applications that has stood the test of time

When I got my new Mac mini with a Apple silicon M2 I decided it was time for a complete reinstall of my system and apps. I believe the last time I did this was when Snow Leopard was released back in 2009.

Move a Hugo site to CloudCannon CMS

I found Hugo in 2017 and since then I have used it to build a lot of web sites. Building sites with Hugo is fun! For customer sites where an editor need to keep the site updated I early on started to use Forestry.

Build Hugo site with Notion and Airtable API

Last year I built a number of Hugo sites that takes the content from Notion and Airtable via their respective API. It works really well. Users manage the data in Notion or Airtable and the sites are kept updated in the background automatically.

Automatically deploy Hugo site to GitHub pages with actions

One of the big advantages with static sites are that you can host them almost anywhere. I have found that GitHub pages is one of the most convenient hosting solutions. With the help of GitHub actions the deployment process can be completely automated.

Sennheiser HD6XX with FiiO K5PRO connected to a Mac

When at my desk I am now listing to music via a pair of Sennheiser HD6XX from Drop. They are connected to my iMac via a FiiO K5PRO headphone amp/DAC. It just works and is a pleasure to listen to.

Switching from AWS S3 to Backblaze B2

I started using Amazons AWS S3 back in 2008. As everyone know the service works very well. With time I have become less and less entusiastisk about giving Amazon money. The AWS console is also not the most fun to work with.

DIY dynamic DNS with your providers DNS API

Got a notice from my ISP that in a few weeks time I will no longer have a static IP address. Not the ISP fault however, they would be happy to provide the service. It is the company that manages the city fiber network that blames a system upgrade for the coming inability to provide static IP addresses.

Guide till starka lösenord

Använd minst 12 tecken långa lösenord. Ha olika lösenord för varje tjänst. Låt en lösenordshanterare komma ihåg dem så du slipper. Tre råd som löser de flesta lösenordsproblem för användare. Läs vidare för mer information om lösenord för både användare och utvecklare.