Fredrik Jonsson

Fredrik Jonsson
Fredrik Jonsson
Web developer & Linux sysadmin
Hi and welcome to my homepage.

A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it’s not open.

Welcome to my corner of the net. I work as a web developer and Linux sysadmin, more about that on xdeb.net.

I have a degree in political science but my interest in technology turned my career towards IT. I maintain a keen interest in politics. A family man that read a lot of books, watch SVT, BBC and sci-fi TV series and keep up with the scientific discoveries of our time. Like things that makes the world a better place. All humans have equal value.

E-mail: Contact form, fredrik at combonet dot se or frjo at xdeb dot org

PGP: My public PGP key (D2858614)

Me on the Internet

(The “parachute” quote and the Himalaya image I have had on my homepage since a long time. Keeping them here for nostalgic reasons and to guide old returning visitors.)