Why I distrust Google but not Apple

Today Daringfireball.net linked to an article by Mike Elgan about Google with this quote. Google makes billions of dollars in revenue each fiscal quarter. That money comes about by the same process that all companies use: They sell a product to their customers.

Open municipal optical fiber networks, I like them

In Sweden many municipal owned power companies have been very active in building open optical fiber networks along side their district heating systems, power lines etc. Our local power company Jämtkraft is one of them. I worked for Jämtkraft before I went to university, it’s a good company.

Two weeks with GyazMail

This is a followup to GyazMail replaces Eudora after 15 years. I have now used GyazMail for two weeks and it’s working well but has room for improvement. What I really like with GyazMail GyazMail is rock solid and fast, it feels like software I can depend upon.

GyazMail replaces Eudora after 15 years

I have been using Eudora as my mail client since 1995, except for a couple of years when I used Claris Emailer. This week I made the switch to GyazMail. (Also check out the followup Two weeks with GyazMail).

Idea NetSetter GPRS/EDGE USB modem connection in India

The AirTel GPRS (EDGE) service on my iPhone that I wrote about earlier is working well but a little slow. Something like 60 Kbit/s down and 40 Kbit/s up at best. For Twitter and some e-mail on the iPhone it’s ok but when connecting a MacBook via tethering it’s to slow.

Airtel GPRS in India with unlocked iPhone 3G works well

Airtel in India has a nice offer with unlimited GPRS (actually EDGE in cities) for 474 Rs. (€7) per month for pre paid accounts. Perfekt when you like me are traveling for some time in the country and want to have a mobil Internet connection.

Why does mobile phones still have such bad voice quality?

Whenever possible I use iChat or Skype to call people and I urge people to call me the same way. There are a number of reasons for this but the number one reason is voice sounds quality. My fixed line phone sounds bad, my mobil phone sounds horribel.

Launchbar, Keyboard Maestro and Typinator - It's all about fewer keystrokes

I have made my way through a substantial list of automation software over the years. Currently I’m using the following three: LaunchBar from Objective Developments €24. Keyboard Maestro from Stairways €28. Typinator from Ergonis €20. LaunchBar 5 has since a few month replaced the discontinued Quicksilver for me.

The dog is running again - I'm back with Fetch

The first Internet application I ever used was Fetch, a FTP-client for the Mac. This was in the early 1990s, before the web. The IT-staff at the University showed me how to use it for downloading shareware and freeware from Info-Mac and other places.

Document scanning with Fujitsu ScanSnap S500M

The paperless office is not here yet but the Fujitsu ScanSnap S500M can be a good step in the right direction. This is the Mac version of the S500 modell, it’s only the colour and the software that are different.