Security camera with Raspberry Pi

Some tulips eating animals gave rise to the need of a security camera system. One could have bought a ready made system but that’s boring and as recent events show, their security is often abysmal. Much better to build my own system and I have been mening to play with the Raspberry Pi computers.

My first 2 minutes on a server - letting Ansible do the work

After reading articles like My First 5 Minutes On A Server by Bryan Kennedy and My First 10 Minutes On a Server by Cody Littlewood I was inspired to write up how I setup a new server. There are no special tricks in the way I setup servers to make them secure.

Let's Encrypt my servers with acme tiny

Let’s Encrypt is a project that offer free domain validated SSL/TLS certificates. The organisations and companies behind it includes EFF, Mozilla, Akamai and Cisco as well as many other. EFF has long been working for HTTPS Everywhere and Let’s Encrypt is a big step in this direction.

ReadySIM prepaid short-term plans in the USA works well with unlocked iPhone

Ready SIM is a relative new mobile service in the USA that I first read about in this Ars Technica article Ready SIM offers cheap, short-term, and disposable mobile service. When I needed a mobile solution for a trip to the USA recently I luckily remembered that article.

MailMate - The email client for the rest of us

I have now been using MailMate for about 10 month and I’m more than pleased with it. Everything good I wrote about in MailMate replaces GyazMail after four years is still true. The latest 64 bit beta build is rock solid and consumes less than 200 MB of RAM with 60000+ messages.

MailMate replaces GyazMail after four years

Four years ago I replaced Eudora with GyazMail and wrote about it in GyazMail replaces Eudora after 15 years and Two weeks with GyazMail. Now GyazMail has been replaced with MailMate. After moving all my locally stored mail to a local IMAP server switching mail client got a lot easier.

Running dovecot as a local only IMAP server on OS X

I prefer to store (archive) my mail locally. After moving my mail between mail clients a couple of time to many I decided to set up a local IMAP server. This will give me a mail client independent local storage that is in a standard format and future proof.

Branch branch branch and then rebase a Git workflow

Slides from my presentation Branch branch branch then rebase - a git workflow at DrupalCamp Stockholm, March 8 2013. Branch branch branch and then rebase a Git workflow (35.47 MB)

Create a PDF from Markdown workflow with BBEdit and MultiMarkdown

I use BBEdit for more or less everything I write. When I write text documents I use Markdown to format the document. If I need to send the document to a customer I generate a nicely formatted PDF. I can’t stand ugly typography so I want my PDF documents to look at least decent.