Ready SIM is a relative new mobile service in the USA that I first read about in this Ars Technica article Ready SIM offers cheap, short-term, and disposable mobile service. When I needed a mobile solution for a trip to the USA recently I luckily remembered that article.
I have been working with targeted CSS in Drupal themes for modern mobiles like the iPhone for some time now. xdeb.org has implemented it since early 2009, incidentally at the same time I got my first iPhone. This approach has worked well but now with over a third (34 percent) of the visitors to xdeb.
The AirTel GPRS (EDGE) service on my iPhone that I wrote about earlier is working well but a little slow. Something like 60 Kbit/s down and 40 Kbit/s up at best. For Twitter and some e-mail on the iPhone it’s ok but when connecting a MacBook via tethering it’s to slow.
Airtel in India has a nice offer with unlimited GPRS (actually EDGE in cities) for 474 Rs. (€7) per month for pre paid accounts. Perfekt when you like me are traveling for some time in the country and want to have a mobil Internet connection.
Whenever possible I use iChat or Skype to call people and I urge people to call me the same way. There are a number of reasons for this but the number one reason is voice sounds quality. My fixed line phone sounds bad, my mobil phone sounds horribel.
iPhone, den är precis lika rolig att använda som jag trodde! Saker jag verkligen gillar med telefonen: Skärmen, den enda skärm jag sett som kan jämföras är den på Sony PSP. Knapp för att växla till tyst läge. “Manner mode” kallas det i Japan och det är verkligen gott uppförande att inte störa sin omgivning med fåniga ringtoner.
Apple - iPhone, vill ha! Kommer till Europa i slutet av året så man får lov att bärga sig. Kolla in när Steve Jobs presenterar iPhone så kommer ni att vilja ha en själva också :-). Mobiltelefon + iPod + Internet pryl i en förpackning.