Branch branch branch and then rebase a Git workflow

Slides from my presentation Branch branch branch then rebase - a git workflow at DrupalCamp Stockholm, March 8 2013. Branch branch branch and then rebase a Git workflow (35.47 MB)

Drush 4, more awesome than ever - DrupalCamp Stockholm 2011

Posting my slides for the “Drush 4, more awesome than ever” session. Not using Drush yet? Only using it for installing and updating modules? Come then and see what you can do with Drush 4. This session will briefly mention the basic Drush commands and some of the new features in Drush 3 and 4.

DrupalCamp Stockholm Spring 2011 - Stockholm 6-7 of May

Anthother DrupalCamp in Stockholm. Come and meet the Swedish Drupal community and listen to how CNN and Al Jazeera use Drupal. xdeb.net is happy to sponsor the event and I will give a talk “Drush 4, more awesome than ever”.

Versionshantering med Bazaar för designers - Föreläsning på DrupalCamp

På DrupalCamp Stockholm 09 11–12 november höll jag en föreläsning om “Versionshantering med Bazaar för designers”. Här nedan kan ni ladda hem presentationen som PDF-fil. Föreläsningen inleddes med en presentation om vad versionshantering är, vad man kan göra med det och hur ett arbetsflöde kan se ut.

How to set up Apache Solr search for Drupal 6 on a Debian GNU/Linux server

At DrupalCamp Stockholm 2009 Robert Douglass from Acquia talked about Drupal with Apache Solr search. Solr takes searching in Drupal a huge step forward. Speed and faceted search on author/type/term/language/date/CCK fields are the main features. A “Did you mean …” function is there also and it works surprisingly well.