Drush 4, more awesome than ever - DrupalCamp Stockholm 2011

DrupalCamp Stockholm 2011

Posting my slides for the “Drush 4, more awesome than ever” session.

Not using Drush yet? Only using it for installing and updating modules? Come then and see what you can do with Drush 4.

This session will briefly mention the basic Drush commands and some of the new features in Drush 3 and 4. The main focus will be on advanced uses of Drush.

  • Set up Drush site-aliases to easily access remote Drupal installations as well as sync databases and files between them.
  • Make scripts with Drush commands to automate Drupal site maintenance tasks.
  • Build your own Drush command.

The picture is “stolen” from NodeOne blog. NodeOne organised this DrupalCamp.

Drush_4_more_awesome_than_ever.pdf (11.51 MB)