Using Hugo pipes to process sass and cache-bust css and js files

Hugo Pipes was added in version 0.46 and give Hugo the possibility to process sass and postcss files as well as fingerprint, minify and concat asset files. My own Zen theme for Hugo have used Gulp to process sass and js but now I have updated it to make use of pipes.

Go multilingual with Hugo

I have made my small company site multilingual, in Swedish and in English. It’s a static site built with Hugo and my own Zen theme for Hugo. Hugo has good multilingual support. What took the most time was building a language selector that works both when content is translated and when it is not.

My Zen Hugo theme now uses css grid

I have released the css grid version of my Zen theme for Hugo. This site have been using it for a couple of month. Read more at Layout with CSS grid and flex, it’s really nice. With the resent release of Microsoft Edge 16 there is support for css grid in all the major browsers.

Layout with CSS grid and flex, it's really nice

This site is now using CSS grid layout and it’s a real pleasure to work with. This is part of the Zen Hugo theme and you find the code at frjo/hugo-theme-zen at grid. CSS grid is supported in resent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Migrating xdeb.org from Drupal to Hugo

xdeb.org is now generated with Hugo, the static site generator that I wrote about in my last post Using Hugo for a simple web site and porting the Drupal Zen theme. One less Drupal site to keep updated. Now it’s “only” the content I need to add and update here.

Using Hugo for a simple web site and porting the Drupal Zen theme

A couple of years ago static web site generators was the next big thing. I have been meaning to try one out and last week I had the opportunity. I went to Top Open-Source Static Site Generators - StaticGen to see what the options where nowadays.

The problem with PNG gamma correction, and a AppleScript to fix it

The PNG format (Portable Network Graphics) was created to be a replacement for the GIF format. It is patent free open standard with a number of advantages over GIF. One of the few problems with PNG images is that it’s difficult, not to say impossible, to match colors in CSS and GIF images with does in a PNG image.