Switching from jQuery to Umbrella JS

In an attempt to make this site load even faster I have switched from jQuery to Umbrella JS. Umbrella is really tiny, 2.5kB when gzipped, and strongly influenced by jQuery so the switch is easy for simple scripts. Good information in Porting from jQuery.

A HTML5+PHP+JavaScript contact form with spam protection

Setting out to create a simple contact form turned out to involve more work than I anticipated. I need it for one of my new static sites. The examples I found was to old, lacking spam protection and/or relied on multiple/large libraries.

Make a HTML list in to a simple news ticker/scroller with jQuery

The same customer that featured in my last blog wanted a aggregator block turned in to a vertical news ticker/scroller. The block contained a total of 20 items of which three should show. I wanted something lightweight and simpel that I could add to the theme.

Spice up your Drupal 6 site search field with a bit of jQuery and CSS

The search field is an important part of almost any web site today and it deserve some attention. Especially if you have implemented some really good search like Apache Solr (see How to set up Apache Solr search for Drupal 6 on a Debian GNU/Linux server).