Idea NetSetter GPRS/EDGE USB modem connection in India

The AirTel GPRS (EDGE) service on my iPhone that I wrote about earlier is working well but a little slow. Something like 60 Kbit/s down and 40 Kbit/s up at best. For Twitter and some e-mail on the iPhone it’s ok but when connecting a MacBook via tethering it’s to slow.

Building complex web sites the Drupal way - Session at BarCamp Kerala 7

At BarCamp Kerala 7 in Kottayam I gave a Drupal session about how to build complex web sites the Drupal way. Below you find the slides as a PDF file and the blog system “feature” I demonstrated. It was real pleasure to be a part of this BarCamp Kerala!

Airtel GPRS in India with unlocked iPhone 3G works well

Airtel in India has a nice offer with unlimited GPRS (actually EDGE in cities) for 474 Rs. (€7) per month for pre paid accounts. Perfekt when you like me are traveling for some time in the country and want to have a mobil Internet connection.

Arigatō alltså!

Två killar på tunnelbanan pratar om något dator/tv-spel. Ena killen förklarar hur otroligt svårbesegrad en av de kvinnliga motståndarna i spelet är. Han beskriver imponerat de manövrer motståndaren gjort och hur han besegrades och utbrister, “det var bara Arigatō alltså!”