The Markdown editor for BUEditor now has a stable 1.0 release for Drupal 7. I was recently made co-maintainer and are now preparing a 1.1 release. Please help by testing 7.x-1.x-dev. My goal with Markdown editor, besides making it even better, is to make it 10 to 100 times more popular.
I have been working with targeted CSS in Drupal themes for modern mobiles like the iPhone for some time now. xdeb.org has implemented it since early 2009, incidentally at the same time I got my first iPhone. This approach has worked well but now with over a third (34 percent) of the visitors to xdeb.
When I planed the upgrade to Drupal 7 for xdeb.org I decided to rebuild the site from scratch and use the Migrate module to migrate over content, users, terms etc. Rebuilding the site made it easy to get rid of some old junk and get a cleaner and more modern structure for xdeb.
When I access xdeb.org from Sweden the site feels reasonable quick and responsive. From other parts of the world it feels less so, even when the Internet connection is good. The reason is of course that my server is located in Sweden and that location matter on the Internet.
Rainy days, the just released BBEdit 10 and the fact that all new sites I build now are Drupal 7 has inspired my to update and vastly improve my BBEdit clippings for Drupal. My BBEdit Clippings for Drupal 7 includes:
Posting my slides for the “Drush 4, more awesome than ever” session. Not using Drush yet? Only using it for installing and updating modules? Come then and see what you can do with Drush 4. This session will briefly mention the basic Drush commands and some of the new features in Drush 3 and 4.
Anthother DrupalCamp in Stockholm. Come and meet the Swedish Drupal community and listen to how CNN and Al Jazeera use Drupal. xdeb.net is happy to sponsor the event and I will give a talk “Drush 4, more awesome than ever”.
The drupal.org web site, nice as it is after the redesign, is not a pleasure to access on a mobile device like the iPhone. In issue #951114: Mobile phone support (iPhone / Android) there are some discussions and suggestions how to improve this.
I wrote the original Bazaar workflow for developing Drupal based web sites in 2009. I still use basically the same workflow and it serves me well. In this post I include the improvements and changes I have made. They include use of Bazaar shared repository, Bazaar smart server and Git since drupal.
When I got my first iPhone two years back I adapted the theme here on xdeb.org to work better with it. I documented it in my post Make a Drupal theme look better on the iPhone. During the holidays I got to try out the iPad for a few days and found ways to make the xdeb.