Create a PDF from Markdown workflow with BBEdit and MultiMarkdown

I use BBEdit for more or less everything I write. When I write text documents I use Markdown to format the document. If I need to send the document to a customer I generate a nicely formatted PDF. I can’t stand ugly typography so I want my PDF documents to look at least decent.

BBEdit Clippings for Drupal 7

Rainy days, the just released BBEdit 10 and the fact that all new sites I build now are Drupal 7 has inspired my to update and vastly improve my BBEdit clippings for Drupal. My BBEdit Clippings for Drupal 7 includes:

BBEdit - My text editor of choice

I noticed that I have never on my blog mentioned the text editor I use. This is a bit surprising since it’s where I do almost all my writing, and all my coding of course. More then 10 years ago I started to use Bare Bones free BBEdit Lite.