I wrote the original Bazaar workflow for developing Drupal based web sites in 2009. I still use basically the same workflow and it serves me well. In this post I include the improvements and changes I have made. They include use of Bazaar shared repository, Bazaar smart server and Git since drupal.
Here follows a solution for a convenient and secure way of allowing other machines to connect to the Bazaar repository on my server via SSH and key authentication. I only want to allow Bazaar commands and not any other. This setup should be easy to adapt for Git and Mercurial (hg) or any other application that sends command via SSH.
This post assumes that you are familiar with the unix command line. If you are not then I recommend the video from Addison Berry session “The command line is your friend” from DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010. I have something of a passion/obsession with removing annoying obstacles in my every day tasks.
På DrupalCamp Stockholm 09 11–12 november höll jag en föreläsning om “Versionshantering med Bazaar för designers”. Här nedan kan ni ladda hem presentationen som PDF-fil. Föreläsningen inleddes med en presentation om vad versionshantering är, vad man kan göra med det och hur ett arbetsflöde kan se ut.
Go to an updated version from 2011 of this blog post. During the summer I have worked out a Bazaar based workflow for Drupal sites that I think will work well for me. I have moved most of my sites in to this workflow and worked on them for some weeks and it feels good.