MailMate - The email client for the rest of us

I have now been using MailMate for about 10 month and I’m more than pleased with it. Everything good I wrote about in MailMate replaces GyazMail after four years is still true. The latest 64 bit beta build is rock solid and consumes less than 200 MB of RAM with 60000+ messages.

The killer features of MailMate remains:

  • Fast and powerful search
  • Smart folders (really smart!)
  • Rules per folder/smart folder.
  • Custom key bindings (everything can be done from the keyboard)

I have completely stopped sorting mail in different folders since moving to MailMate. I just dump everything in to “Archive” and use the smart folders to do all the sorting for me.

I can now quickly add and change folders, have mail show up in several “folders” at the same time (per company and per project e.g.) and have one smart folder that automatically creates sub mailboxes for all my mailing lists just to name a few things. Start attaching rules to a smart folder and you can do some really advanced mail handling.

I have been Running dovecot as a local only IMAP server on OS X together with MailMate from the start and that works really well. I use the local IMAP server as a mail archive and let MailMate automatically move mail there according to rules I have set up.

A feature that seems to be popular with a lot of users, but that I don’t use so much, is the bundles that integrate MailMate with a large number of ToDo apps, Editors etc. I do use one occasionally that makes it possible to edit messages in BBEdit.

Benny Kjær Nielsen, who develops MailMate, keeps polishing the project without succumbing to feature bloat. Benny seems to have a clear goal with MailMate and I believe that bodes well for the future of the product. A number of feature request are accepted but many others are rejected, no POP support and no local only storage are planed to name two examples.

So now just go and buy MailMate at the Freron Software Store. If you have been looking for a e-mail client for power users I believe you won’t regret it, and it just 50 USD.