BBEdit Clippings for Drupal 7

BBEdit Clippings for Drupal 7

Rainy days, the just released BBEdit 10 and the fact that all new sites I build now are Drupal 7 has inspired my to update and vastly improve my BBEdit clippings for Drupal.

My BBEdit Clippings for Drupal 7 includes:

  • All hooks
  • All drupal_* functions
  • All devel module print/debug functions
  • Common functions like t, l, url, check_*
  • Control structures like for, if and switch
  • Snippets for doxygen and function
  • Some theme functions for quick insert into template.php.

Download/clone/fork from github.com/frjo/BBEdit-Clippings-for-Drupal

Tips about ctags

With ctags files you get autocompletion of functions, classes etc.

Run the following commands in the root of a Drupal install to generate ctags files for PHP and JavaScript:

/Applications/BBEdit.app/Contents/Helpers/ctags --langmap=php:.engine.inc.module.theme.php.test.install --php-kinds=cdfi --languages=php --excmd=number --tag-relative=no --fields=+a+m+n+S -f drupal_ctags_php.txt --recurse "$PWD"
/Applications/BBEdit.app/Contents/Helpers/ctags --languages=JavaScript --excmd=number --tag-relative=no --fields=+a+m+n+S -f drupal_ctags_js.txt --recurse "$PWD"

Copy them to these folders to activate them:

~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Completion Data/JavaScript
~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Completion Data/PHP

P.S. If you do Drupal development with BBEdit you may be interested in these jQuery Clippings from noumenal.co.uk as well.