Extend your screen real estate with an extra display

hp lp1965 display

After having enough RAM, extending your screen real estate is probably the best productivity enhancement you can do. Apple has supported dual displays on Macs since the late 1980s and nowadays even Windows can do it.

I have used dual displays with some of my older setups but that was some time back. The prices on flat panel displays are very low now so there are really no reason not to get one.

I recently bought a 19” HP LP1965 display that cost me around €250. I picked this modell because it got decent reviews and had a number of features I was looking for.

  • Looks ok, not like an Apple produkt of course but bearable
  • Built-in USB hub
  • Dual DVI inputs
  • Possible to tilt, swivel and adjust the height
  • TCO-03 certified

After using it for a few weeks I don’t now why I didn’t buy one much earlier!

I don’t now how well dual displays works on Windows but on a Mac it’s seamless. I don’t need to restart my MacBook to connect/disconnect the extra display, just put it to sleep. When it wakes up it will automatically set up everything, move windows if necessary etc. It just works.

When I sitt at my desk I now have some digital “elbow room”. Instead of stacking windows on top of each other I can spread them over two displays.

I really recommend everyone who regularly work in more than one application to get an extra display.