BBEdit Clippings for Drupal 7

Rainy days, the just released BBEdit 10 and the fact that all new sites I build now are Drupal 7 has inspired my to update and vastly improve my BBEdit clippings for Drupal.

My BBEdit Clippings for Drupal 7 includes:

  • All hooks
  • All drupal_* functions
  • All devel module print/debug functions
  • Common functions like t, l, url, check_*
  • Control structures like for, if and switch
  • Snippets for doxygen and function
  • Some theme functions for quick insert into template.php.

Download/clone/fork from

BBEdit - My text editor of choice

I noticed that I have never on my blog mentioned the text editor I use. This is a bit surprising since it’s where I do almost all my writing, and all my coding of course.

More then 10 years ago I started to use Bare Bones free BBEdit Lite. Mainly to use it’s “Search and Replace” that had excellent support for regular expressions. In 2003 TextWrangler replaced BBEdit Lite as the free alternative from Bare Bones.

TextWrangler was my main editor for several years, it was so good that I saw little reason to pay for its big brother BBEdit. The main feature of BBEdit seemed to be very nice support for HTML editing, something I had little need for. I had moved from static HTML webb-sites to CMS systems so PHP was more interesting to me.

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