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Colorbox replaces Thickbox module for Drupal

The Colorbox module has now replaced Thickbox module for lightbox effects here on Here follow some background around the projects.

In the Drupal 4.7 days I was looking for a jQuery based Lightbox solution and found the ThickBox plugin. I developed the Thickbox module to integrate it with Drupal. Today it’s used on more than 19000 web sites.

Since a couple of years the Thickbox plugin is no longer maintained and it’s becoming cumbersome to keep it updated with good browser support. Time for a new solution.

Spice up your Drupal 6 site search field with a bit of jQuery and CSS

The search field is an important part of almost any web site today and it deserve some attention. Especially if you have implemented some really good search like Apache Solr (see How to set up Apache Solr search for Drupal 6 on a Debian GNU/Linux server).

This is an update to an older post on the same subject but for Drupal 5. This new version is for Drupal 6 and adds jQuery 1.3+ compatibility plus some nice CSS for Firefox.

If you use Safari, or any other Webkit browser, the spiced up search field looks like a standard Mac OS X search field:

Safari search field example

With the help of some CSS I made the spiced up Firefox search field look somewhat similar:

Firefox search field example

All this is done with JavaScript and CSS on the original Drupal search form ensuring graceful degradation. If you turn of JavaScript all that happens is that you get the standard search field and button.

Here follows the code I use to implement this here on

Bash script to make development settings on local Drupal database

A common thing you do in Drupal web site development is to take a database dump from production/staging/testing and use it to update your local development environment.

In your local development environment you want other settings for things like error reporting and cache, enable/disable modules etc.

I recently upgrade my script for this to make use of Drush 3 and thought I would share it.

Two weeks with GyazMail

This is a followup to GyazMail replaces Eudora after 15 years. I have now used GyazMail for two weeks and it’s working well but has room for improvement.

What I really like with GyazMail

GyazMail is rock solid and fast, it feels like software I can depend upon. It uses only 50-60 MB RAM in everyday use! The developer Goichi Hirakawa must be an excellent coder to pull this off!

The Mac OS X integration with Address Book, Spelling, Services and AppleScript is working very well. Excellent integration with SpamSieve, one of the best client side spam filtering solutions there is.

Additional things to like in GyazMail is filtering, settings options and the ability to change/add shortcuts to commands.

GyazMail replaces Eudora after 15 years

I have been using Eudora as my mail client since 1995, except for a couple of years when I used Claris Emailer. This week I made the switch to GyazMail.

(Also check out the followup Two weeks with GyazMail).

In 2006 Qualcomm announced that there would be no more development of the original Eudora client. I have on and off been looking for a replacement ever since. It is not easy to find a good replacement for Eudora.

Eudora does so many small things just right, has really fast search, can handle any amount of mail with ease and have settings for everything.

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