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Running Drupal on Debian 8 with Apache 2.4, event MPM and PHP-FPM (via socks and proxy)

I’m building a new Ansible playbook for setting up web servers with Debian 8. I have always used mod_php before and it has been very stable but have some well known drawbacks. Since Debian 8 comes with Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.6 I wanted to implement PHP-FPM that seems very promising.

With mod_php every Apache process will need to load PHP and therefor use a lot more RAM than needed, even for just serving static content like images and css. I have been running Lighttpd as a static file server to mitigate this problem.

I have switched to pwSafe password manager and liking it so far

To have a good password manager that can sync between my Mac and my iOS devices is essential for me. I have for some time been looking for a new solution and are now using pwSafe for OS X and iOS.

The product I used until recently has been working well for years but gets few updates and the sync feature generates duplicates from time to time. The user interface and feature set left room for improvements as well.

I tried several of the obvious choices:

Två veckor av skräppost och den mesta är Svensk

På två veckor har det ansamlats 26 stycken skräppost in min skräppostmapp. Av dessa är 17 på Svenska, de flesta skickade från Sverige av Svenska företag! I Sverige är det obegripligt nog lagligt för företag att spamma andra företag.

Att det är så pass få spam totalt beror på att all post går via min egen Mail relay och MX backup tjänst. Den tar bort minst 95 procent eller mer av all skräppost med hjälp av spärrlistor, DNS och SPF kollar m. m. Kör du egen e-postserver så kolla gärna in tjänsten.

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