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Running dovecot as a local only IMAP server on OS X

I prefer to store (archive) my mail locally. After moving my mail between mail clients a couple of time to many I decided to set up a local IMAP server. This will give me an mail client independent local storage that is in a standard format and future proof.

I run dovecot on my mail sever so that’s what I want to run locally as well. Easiest way to install dovecot is via Homebrew.

Drupalsnack poddradioprogram

Drupalsnack är ett poddradioprogram om Drupal och allt däromkring. Av Drupalfolk för Drupalfolk på svenska.

Vi har precis lagt ut vårt första avsnitt, kom och lyssna på Vi pratar om våra favoritmoduler och introducerar oss själva och Drupalsnack poddradioprogram förstås.

Eventuellt kommer avsnitt nummer två innan nyår men annars återkommer vi nästa år. Vår plan är ett avsnitt varannan vecka ungefär. När vi gjort en handfull avsnitt kommer vi att utvärdera intresset och bestämma om vi ska fortsätta eller inte.

Skicka in förslag på saker ni vill höra om, folk ni tycker vi ska intervjua och Drupal-frågor vi kan försöka svara på.

Följ oss på Twitter @drupalsnack.

Markdown editor for BUEditor on Drupal

The Markdown editor for BUEditor now has a stable 1.0 release for Drupal 7. I was recently made co-maintainer and are now preparing a 1.1 release. Please help by testing 7.x-1.x-dev. My goal with Markdown editor, besides making it even better, is to make it 10 to 100 times more popular.

If you want to see Markdown editor 7.x-1.x-dev in action I have posted an screencast Introduction to Markdown editor for BUEditor on Vimeo.

Bye-bye Twitter and hello

I started using Twitter 3+ years ago. Mostly I have used it to stay in contact with fellow Drupal developers. It has been both fun and useful. Now I have deleted all but two tweets and will most likely post no more. I keep the account for some time for the direct messaging functionality.

The main problem with Twitter for me is that I’m not their customer, I’m there product. This is true of all services where advertising is the primary source of revenue. Add to this Twitters increasingly hostile attitude towards third party clients and recent API changes and I’m out.


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